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Dr. Piero Policicchio (he likes to just be called Piero) has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry in Holland, Michigan, and the surrounding areas of Zeeland, Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Saugatuck, South Haven, and Hamilton, Michigan, since 1982. Born and raised in Dearborn, MI, Piero received his degree from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry. In treating patients, Piero, uses a philosophy of oral health being linked to total body health. Our practice uses cutting edge technology combined with a high level of patient involvement and education.  Our dentist emphasizes a microbiological approach to dental health and is dedicated to the prevention of periodontal disease. Once in the dental chair, you will learn about aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, plaque causing odor, gingivitis, over-abrading one surface of the tooth to access another, and problems with flossing – just to name a few of the topics. Dr. Piero is talented at explaining confusing dental issues to the general public.


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Dr. Piero’s Book

Never Brush Your Teeth Again! Even though you may brush your teeth diligently and consistently every day you still have bacteria, viruses, biofilm and even worm-like creatures living in, on, and around your teeth? Between 30 billion and 100 billion “bugs” live in your mouth right this second… [Read More]

Dental Air Force

The Dental Air Force is a home dental cleaning system that replaces tooth brushing. It is a completely new way to clean your teeth between professional cleanings. The appliance uses a precision jet of air to deliver water and dental cleaner to “power wash” the mouth. Plaque and odor are removed from teeth…[Read More]



You’ve Never Experienced Cleanings Like This Before…..

Dr. Piero was the first dentist in Holland, Mi to use the Prophy-Jet cleaning system on patients. Prophy-Jet cleaning is an advanced technology that uses high pressure water, cleaner and air to blow the plaque off your teeth. It’s like using a power washer on your teeth with an abrasive component (instead of a pick and axe.) This means:
  • NO picking
  • NO scraping
  • NO pain
  • The cleanest teeth you will ever have
The process removes stains, dental plaque and debris while simultaneously polishing tooth surfaces. It is highly effective on patients with orthodontic appliances. Another advantage to this type of cleaning at Dr. Piero’s is the sound. That intimidating sound that traditional cleaning appliances make is gone, as is the vibrations. And patients don’t experience that awful aftertaste from the sticky paste often associated with the rubber polishing wheel. This process is not just to clean your teeth. It is a method to disinfect your mouth. The air provides oxygen to the sites that harbor the anaerobic species of bacteria. These are sensitive to oxygen and thrive in the absence of oxygen. We try to shift the population of bacteria to a kinder species or aerobic. The cleaner is made of sodium bicarbonate. This is a neutralizing agent to the acid producing organisms. It’s like shocking a swimming pool to retard the growth of bacteria. If you’ve never had your teeth cleaned this way before or if you are basically fearful of going to the dentist, you will be enthusiastic with this method of cleaning. It’s more like a spa experience than a traditional apprehensive dental visit.