Dr. Piero (he likes to just be called Piero) has been practicing since 1982 in Holland, Michigan, and the surrounding areas of Zeeland, Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Saugatuck, South Haven, and Hamilton, Michigan. Born and raised in Dearborn, MI, Piero received his degree from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry.

In treating patients, Piero, uses a philosophy of oral health being linked to total body health. Our practice uses cutting edge technology combined with patient education and high-level patient involvement.

Our dentist emphasizes a microbiological approach to dental health and is dedicated to the prevention of periodontal disease. Once in the dental chair, you will learn about aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, plaque causing odor, gingivitis, over-abrading one surface of the tooth to access another, and problems with flossing – just to name a few of the topics. Dr. Piero is talented at explaining confusing dental issues to the general public.

Dr. Piero is a lifelong problem solver. For his practice, he has developed and implemented a chairside air evacuation system and a disinfectant infusion system for his operatory water lines. We are one of the first practices in the country to implement full collection of mercury effluence from the office waste water.

Being fervent about oral hygiene and wanting to provide his patients with proper tools to maintain their oral health, Piero spent ten years designing Dental Air Force®. This home dental cleaning system solves several problems for his patients. Tenacity and perseverance were critical throughout the rigorous testing, clinical studies, and FDA approval process. In addition, it was necessary to design all the equipment used to manufacture the appliance, since this is a totally new concept. Dr. Piero is the CEO of Air Force Inc®, the company manufacturing Dental Air Force®. Our dentist holds twelve patents worldwide. Air Force Inc’s mission is dedicated to fundamentally improving people’s health by providing the best daily oral cleaning system possible. The Dental Air Force® system is the only appliance that is FDA approved for marketing to replace tooth brushing and flossing. Used with hydrogen peroxide, it whitens and bleaches teeth.