Never Brush Your Teeth Again!


Dr. Piero is also on Amazon’s #1 Best Seller list with the award winning book called “Never Brush Your Teeth Again” The book highlights his innovative invention, which I might ad is the only device ever approved by the FDA to replace the toothbrush and which some renowned dentists call the “the dental device that saves peoples lives”. The book centers around the fact that brushing, even though we as humans brush our teeth up to twice a day, we still have bacteria, viruses and even worm-like creatures living on and around your teeth that tooth brushing cannot seem to solve.  These worm-like creatures are called Bio-film and on average of 30 billion to 100 billion “bugs” live in your mouth at any given time of the day; even after brushing.  These organisms cause numerous health problems that not only affect your mouth causing periodontal disease but also diabetes, heart disease, COPD and other forms of cancer.  This Book Highlights how you can begin to fight off these organisms that are taking over your heath and mouth. The book is called Never Brush Your Teeth Again and in it you will learn:

  • How and What bacteria and other viruses destroy the mouth
  • How periodontal disease the immune system
  • How periodontal disease contributes to heart disease, COPD, diabetes and cancer
  • How the pharmaceutical companies profit from your dental problems
  • Why two visits a year to the dentist office is not enough

FACT: In the past 5,500 years, there have only been nine significant advances or breakthroughs in the personal hygiene arena.  Now there is a tenth: Dental Air Force, which has taken Dr. Piero almost two decades to make available to the public. You can now have the opportunity to achieve a new level of hygiene for yourself and your family.   Buy your copy of Never Brush Your Teeth Again!

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