If you have a “gummy” smile or if your teeth appear long, gum contouring in Holland, MI may be the answer. Dr. Piero uses gum contouring to even out patients’ gum lines. We welcome you to contact our dental office today to learn more and to schedule a visit with the best dentist in Holland, MI.

Cosmetic gum surgery or crown lengthening, is a simple treatment for patients whose appearance is affected by what is sometimes called a “gummy smile.” This simply means the teeth appear shorter due to excessive gum tissue. The gum tissue may appear too bulky, or it might look like the gums come down over your teeth too far. In most cases the teeth are actually quite a typical shape and length under the gums. This is easily and safely addressed with a simple gum surgery where our dentist will remove a small amount of the gum tissue to reveal your natural tooth structure and give you the smile you a smile you can be confident with. Cosmetic gum surgery is a very simple and common procedure which can usually be done in only one appointment.

If you feel your smile could benefit from letting your natural teeth show through more, or if you simply wish for your gum line to appear more even or symmetrical, cosmetic gum surgery may be the solution you need for improving your appearance. Call us today to learn more and to schedule your individual consultation to speak with our dentist and determine if cosmetic surgery is a good option for you!