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We're committed to excellence in dentistry.

Our dedicated and friendly dental team has been working with Dr. Piero to provide you and your family with the gentle dental care you deserve for a long time. We are very devoted to our office and our patients. We invite you to contact our Holland, Michigan dental office today to learn more about us and to schedule a visit with our dentist.

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A Dedicated and Personable Staff

We're committed to excellence in dentistry.


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Hollands' favorite dental dog.


Baci the Dental Dog, is a Wire Hair Fox Terrier that greets patients, calms their fears and brings joy to the office. She takes her job very seriously and makes sure Piero gets into the operatory when one of his assistants buzzes for him. She knows not to go into the room while x-rays are being taken and will calmly wait in another room if the patient does not appreciate dogs. Baci is the most well behaved and gentle terrier you will ever meet. She does not live up to her breed, but lives up to her name (which means KISS in Italian).

Being a Dental Dog, Baci gets her teeth brushed every day. She loves it. This routine will help insure that she lives a long, healthy life (just like people). Brushing regularly removes the bacteria in her mouth that causes bad breath and plaque. Bacteria would also lead to infections and reduce her immunity.

A Beloved Therapy Animal

Baci has graduated from advanced obedience training and is a registered Therapy Dog. This means she volunteers in animal assisted activities (and gets to wear a cool red cape). These activities can include visits to hospitals, special needs centers, schools, and nursing homes. The Therapy Dogs Inc. mission is “to form a network of caring individuals who are willing to share their special animals in order to bring happiness and cheer to people, young and old alike.”

When not working at the office or giving therapy, Baci likes to go for long walks, run on the beach and chase balls.

New Patient Special

Includes 4 Bite Way X-Rays, Cleaning and Teeth Whitening


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